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Strategies for Attracting Perfect Clients – Mind Messaging Part 3 – Ep.10 In this episode, Ashley dives into the intricacies of understanding and connecting with ideal clients through her signature framework known as the “Five A Method.” Rooted in the hosts’ expertise in hypnotherapy, NLP, and marketing, this method breaks down essential aspects to consider…

Strategies for Attracting Perfect Clients – Mind Messaging Part 3 – Ep.010

Some people know me as the fart girl after I took a funny phrase (Don't fart and dart) and turned it into a top 50 podcast (thanks Capricorn mercury!) while others know me as the marketing lady who loves to go on rants.

I'm a 1/3 Emotional Generator, Libra Rising, Cap Sun and Aquarius moon which I say is the perfect combination of woo and work. 

Everything I do as a content marketing strategist, is about disrupting the status quo.  Shifting energetic frequencies. Helping you own the most out loud version of you and combine it with marketing strategies to create content that is an energetic match for your ideal client (and does the selling for you!)

Since 2016, my mindset shifts, astrology knowledge and content methods have given clients across multiple industries a reason to TOOT, TOOT their horns.

Started from the bottom, literally… 

And now you’re here! 

Content Marketing Strategist, Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Astrology lover and your fellow weirdo. 

Hi, I'm Ashley Mae.