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Want to do a little internet stalking? It's okay, we all do it! ;) 

My coaching services are for female creative entrepreneurs who have a service based business or digital product/course creators. 

My services are best tailored for intermediate to experienced entrepreneurs who already have a business up and running. 

We would not be a good fit if you are a business that sells physical products or own a brick and mortar store. 

I also do not work with MLM companies.

My expertise is just not in those areas, however, I can refer you to someone who is! :) 

I 100% believe that the best way to get unstuck in your business is to have someone come in and help you see the blindspots! We weren't created to do this journey alone, after all!

That being said, my programs are high intensive with 2 one hour coaching calls a week and about 3 hours of "homework" a week to be completed before our call. I am VERY hands on in my coaching process. I don't just tell you what to do and then leave you to do it, I am right there in the trenches with you.

Growing and marketing a business is no easy task and I want to make sure we build a rock solid foundation and set systems that are going to work specifically for you and your business goals.  

Not at all! I love everyone and have a heart to help in any way I can- regardless if we share the same faith.

My programs do have a weekly Bible study teaching but it is not a required task to reach your goals. :)

If you are uncomfortable with me talking about my faith, just let me know- no biggie, girlfriend!