The difference between fresh & “farty” is in how you’re perceived.

Are they smellin’ what you’re sellin’?

Ya know, with a statistic.

But, I’m all about encouraging you to break the rules over here.
Did you know that...

97% of decisions are made from the subconscious brain.

Of course you did.

You’re pretty fluent in belief work and energetics.

You know that if you change your thoughts, you change your life and energy never lies. 

But, what I want to remind you of is..

You're not *supposed* to start this way...

Selling is just getting someone to make a decision.

See what I did there?
You're making decisions already.
So *how* do you do that?
This is a sales page after all --
So let's cut to the cheese and sell already.

Wouldn't you agree?
Of course you would.

Which would be a lot easier if you knew how to speak directly to the subconscious.

In long terms, it's my group hybrid coaching program that teaches my proven process + methodology for mastering your mindset & messaging & creating content that pre-sells your clients by speaking directly to their subconscious decision making and belief patterns.

Short term:, subconscious selling.

Cause let's face it, if your messaging was as transformational as your coaching, well, you wouldn't be reading this right now.

I've proven my point, so let's keep going.

Signature Offer

The Mind MessaGing: Group coaching program -- That's How.

Now's the time where I pull the traditional sales page foolery... 

You know, where I write a bunch of lines emotionally provoking your pain points, trying to convince you that my program is your savior and ending it with a motivational "here's your permission to xyz" statement that gets you to desperately buy my offer.

Yeah, no! We don't do that sh*t here.

You don't need me to save you or give you permission. You handle that very well on your own.

The truth is, that is what is being taught in the marketing & messaging world.

And there was a time where you subscribed to it.

You hustled and thought “When I achieve this, then I’ll feel (insert emotion)”

That thinking got you clients and it made you money.

But, it left you burnt out, unfulfilled and feeling out of integrity.

That low level consciousness way of marketing doesn't align with your soul or attract soul aligned clients.

Messaging that speaks to the mind, however… That gets heard.
(& makes your clients decide.)

And just like decision making, 95% of your mindset is subconscious.

Therefore, the work that we do together is not just about messaging or giving you a step by step strategy on how to write content…

It is about helping you embody the most congruent and conscious version of yourself & infusing your genius with simple and transformational brain persuasion strategies that speak to the soul of your client through my signature D.A.I.S.Y. Method.

Similar to the 80/20 rule. We are going to focus 80% on you and your belief in you, your offer and your ideal client and 20% on your messaging.

Your Messaging is a reflection of your mindset.

Ah, look at that, we came back full circle. 

Using conversational hypnotherapy tactics and Neuro Linguistic programing (NLP) in conjunction with my belief shifting content framework,

you’ll be able to

→ Deeply understand how the brain processes language and create content that connects and transforms before they ever buy from you
→ Use science-backed tactics to capture attention and promote action with dream clients through your content and speech.
→ Rewire your subconscious thought patterns through hypnotherapy & visualization to boost creativity & self-trust

(I)mplement Phase


The difference between communication and connection is in your alignment with YOU, your offer and your ideal client.
Meaning, your marketing message not only needs to clearly communicate the transformation of your offer, but also has to connect to the higher version of YOU and your ideal client. 

In this phase, you will learn..

→ how to tap into the thoughts, emotions and limiting “if, then” patterns that drive the decisions of your clients so you can clearly identify their subconscious desires.
→ How to clearly articulate the brilliance of what you do with complete clarity and confidence
→ How to position yourself as a thought leader in your space expressed through thought shifting content.

(A)lign Phase


Together, we undo traditional offer creation and ICA profile strategies and re-design your current offer that is an energetic match to the transformation you bring to the world and reposition it to attract soul aligned clients. 

You will learn…

→ How to re-position your offer to match your unique brain operating pattern and that is in full service of you and your ideal clients
→ Create offer specifics in alignment with ideal client subconscious personality using my 5A method.
→ Develop your unique methodology based on your specific genius that clearly articulates what results your clients achieve. 

(D)esign Phase


While the majority of coaches focus on “the how” -- my focus is on “the who” first -- YOU. 
Throughout the entire program, you will learn

→ Nervous system regulation in conjunction with your intentional thoughts so you can get out of self-sabotage mode and take aligned action.
→ How to “anchor” and intentionally feel any emotion at any time
→ How to show up as your highest expression, knowing that what you say is a reflection of your deepest purpose.

(Y)ou Phase


Never doubt what is working at its highest capacity and what isn’t, again. We follow the mantra "Simple is more valuable"

In this phase, you’ll learn 

→ How to effectively evaluate every piece of content you create and how to tweak it for maximum results
→ My 3 step process for closing clients without a sales call
→ Implement a simple & high-converting marketing strategy that eliminates money wasting tasks & gets you out of "constant marketing"

(S)implify Phase


So What Is The D.A.I.S.Y. Method?

I'm Glad You Asked!

The Best Part? You get coaching forever.

All of the material is pre-recorded and dripped out over a 12 week period with a weekly 90 minute group coaching call every week.

Best part, you get access forever. To the material and the coaching calls.

No fartin’ around.

You can show up and get coached every single week for as long as you want. Once you're in, you're in.

So who is a perfect fit?

I am also a firm believer in that just bc someone wants what you offer and can afford it, doesn't make them a perfect fit for it. 

Who Is A Perfect Fit? 

✔ You’re a coach (or service provider who works closely with their clients) who deeply believes that mindset is the key to success.

✔ You deeply understand that YOU are the common denominator in every circumstance and you’re open to doing the hard work of changing your thoughts

✔You know you are incredible at what you do, you just have a hard time articulating your brilliance in your messaging and attracting clients consistently.

✔ You have worked with paying clients already and they have achieved results (this program is not for brand new coaches/entrepreneurs).

✔Someone who considers themselves a disruptor & likes to break the rules and out of the industry norms

My Past Client's have achieved results such as..

Client Wins

Because I am ALL About Toot Tootin' Your Horn

✔ 500k Sales launch without a single sales call

✔ From 10k a month to 42k a month consistently

✔ A 3 month waitlist for their 12k offer

✔ 20 sales for their 25k offer in one month (and with no sales call)

✔ A sold out in-person event in a 3 week period

✔ Doubling their revenue in a 3 month period time frame

✔ 75k in sales in a 3 month time period

✔ 7 high-ticket leads and sales from one piece of content

total Investment

One Payment Of

4 Payments of 


Speakeasy: Messaging So Potent It Should Be Prohibited


SHIFT To Pitch
How To Pitch Your Offer  


High-Ticket Messaging Mastery


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Lets' Just Cut To The Cheese...

i made over $75K in sales in the 3 months of working with Ashley!

I knew I was good at things that other people weren't necessarily good at, but didn't really know how to put it into words or to really see from the perspective of my ideal client. I started to really hit my stride after our work started and got really clear on direction.

Ashley can see the things in the words that I can't even see myself & she basically helps you write posts that truly speak to your ideal client and move them through a transformation of beliefs so that they are ready to buy. In fact, I made over 75k in sales in just the 3 months of working with Ashley. 

-Lauren Dietrich


“Ashley is worth 10 times more than what I invested! In a couple of months working with her, I recovered my investment and without a doubt, it was what I needed to take my business to another level. Before working with her, I felt like a failure, struggling to find clients and allowing the ones I already had to be my bosses. I have learned to position myself as an expert every time I show up online. Now I feel confident and in control of my business, as well as being able to stop working with those toxic clients. I highly recommend her!”


“Ashley is worth 10 times more than what I invested! In a couple of months working with her, I recovered my investment and without a doubt, it was what I needed to take my business to another level.

Before working with her, I felt like a failure, struggling to find clients and allowing the ones I already had to be my bosses. I have learned to position myself as an expert every time I show up online.

Now I feel confident and in control of my business, as well as being able to stop working with those toxic clients. I highly recommend her!”

She peels back your business to it's marketing foundation and leads the process of making it stronger and in a position to attract your ideal client on your schedule.

"Since working together, I've averaged over 10k months and I feel like clients are just flowing and I know exactly what to do to increase my revenue on my terms and not have to stress about whether I will hit my revenue goal of the month. No call was wasted. Working with Ashley was worth every penny.”

-Jamie Van Cuyk


“Working with Ashley changed everything. Before hiring her, I felt confused in how to map out my marketing strategy. I knew I could provide results but didn’t know how to use my messaging and offer to speak to my ideal customer.

Now, I feel confident in knowing how to write content that converts. She wants her clients to succeed,
she challenges their mindset when they have blocks, and knows how to teach you to write content that sells. She is the queen of marketing messaging and I 100% recommend her.


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