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let's get started!

It's time to ditch the overwhelm and get clear on your ideal client, message and goals!

You know you need some help but you can't afford a full on coaching service. That's okay girlfriend, I'm here to help!



aka a 60 minute strategy session 

Feeling a little "stuck" when it comes to attracting your ideal client?
Not sure why you're making little to no sales?
You feel a little overwhelmed and lost in a sea of other creatives in your industry?

Are both hands in the air yet, followed by yelling "YES, GIRL!" at the screen?

I hear (& see) you loud & clear! Good news girlfriend, you're in the right place!

let's have a power hour!

Imagine How Great It Would Feel...

To know *EXACTLY* who you serve and how to serve them
To be known as the *go-to* woman in your niche or industry
To have a step by step plan on how to market your business
To ditch the overwhelm and feel passionate about your business again
To know how to build a brand that reflects you and attracts your ideal client

Well, girlfriend, I'm here to help you do just that with my 60 minute Strategy Session!

Here's What They're Saying!

When it comes to the area of marketing and business strategies, Ashley is one of the most gifted, talented, and anointed people I know. Marketing is her gift, and I truly believe that God made her for this type of work. Not only does she help you figure out your ideal client and the best way to direct your business to make sales, but she also gives you an actionable plan you can easily follow. She provides guidance and constantly gives her time and energy to help you succeed, yet she isn't afraid to challenge you to think in ways that will help you and your business grow. I say all of this, but if I had to choose my favorite part about working with Ashley is that she always points you back to the heart of Christ and helps you make a Kingdom impact in all that you do. She's amazing! 

"Marketing is her gift, and I truly believe that God made her for this type of work."

Hanha Hobson
Transparency Ministries

What Does The 60 Minute Strategy Session Include?

To get answers to your exact questions and concerns and for me to come fully prepared with a site evaluation and detailed notes, you will receive a pre-session assessment questionnaire before our session. 

You're busy, I get it! So enjoy our meeting from the convenience of your home! We will meet "face to face" over zoom for an entire hour where you have complete one on one access to me. Dress code is comfy casual, so show up in those yoga pants and rock that bed head, there is no judgement, here!

You're tired of vague advice, I totally understand! After our session, you will get a customized marketing plan SPECIFIC to your concerns and needs. Each section will have tangible take-aways and a step by step action plan.

Our session is sure to be jam packed! Instead of trying to take notes during our session, I will send you an audio replay so you can watch again at your own convenience. 
I will also send a summary of notes along with your customized marketing plan after our session.

As a mentor, I am all about building relationships and cheerin' you on for ALL of the wins, no matter how small! One month after your session, I will schedule a 30 minute follow up call to see how your marketing strategy is going and answer any further questions you might have!

To help you further along your business journey and as as AMF insider, you will receive special discounts to any future purchases on anything for my shop! Think discounts on e-books, courses and workshops!

Pre-Session Assessment Questionnaire

60 Minute strategy session

Customized Marketing Plan

A audio replay
of session

30 Minute Follow
Up Call

Special Future







-Identify *exactly* who you serve and how to serve them
-How to stand out as the *expert* in your niche
-How to build a brand that reflects you but also speaks to your ideal client
-How to create/tweak a product or service that your ideal client WANTS and NEEDS 

Are You Ready To...

Stop what you’re doing! If you’re a blogger, you need these resources NOW! Using Ashley’s incredible guides, especially her formula on writing a Standout Statement, have completely taken my blog to the next level. When I first started out blogging, I felt disorganized, overwhelmed, and unheard. By following her writing prompts, I was able to organize what my true mission is with my platform and identify the serving purpose catered to my ideal client. The guide on writing a standout statement is fool-proof and written plainly, so it’s very easy to follow. Since doing this, I’ve discovered more of a niche and focus with my blog, and feel fired up to hit the ground running! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ashley!

"Has taken my blog to the next level."

Daniella Fox
the come back chic

Ladies, Ashley Mae is a marketing guru! She comes prepared to help you with every last detail of your brand and gives you examples of how to fix and better your brand. She doesn't just throw information at you and then make you do it yourself. I left our chat feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to better and grow my business. I know you will too!

"I left our chat feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to better and grow my business!"

Makyna Gallinger
Simply Loving jesus

Ashley has such a sweet personality and a willing heart to help! I feel excited to get working on the practical steps she gave me to improve my blog. I loved how prepared she was before the call and could really understand my heart behind my blog. Highly recommend chatting to her if you are needing direction for your blog. She gives amazing advice and encouragement!

"I loved how prepared she was.. and could really understand my heart!"

Hannah Reynders
The Different Girl

But, Don't Just Take My Word For It..

Here's How It Goes...


Make a Session Reservation

Please make a reservation at *least* 72 hours in advance so you have time to complete the questionnaire allowing me to review before our session. 


Fill Out The Questionnaire

Once you have reserved your time and made your purchase, you will be prompted to fill out a pre-session assessment questionnaire. Please fill this out as best you can!


Fill Out & Sign The Contract

After your purchase, you will receive an email with a contract to complete and sign. Please make sure to have this completed before our session time to prevent re-schedule. 


Show Up For Your Session

You will receive a link through email to join a video meeting 24 hours before our session time. Make sure to show up a few minutes early and come prepared to learn!

-Identify *exactly* who you serve and how to serve them
-How to stand out as the *expert* in your niche and attract your dream clients
-How to build a brand that reflects your why but also speaks to your ideal client
-How to create/tweak a product or service that your ideal client WANTS and NEEDS 

After your session, 

I will send over a voice recording from our session

30 Minute Follow-up Call

I will send over a customized marketing plan that will help you...




-So you can relisten anytime at your convenience
-So you can pause and take notes instead of trying to write quickly during our session

-To check in and see the progress you've made
-To answer any questions you might still have

This sounds AMAZING! I'm ready to book my session!

Ready To Book You Session?

Your Investment


Book Your Session Now!

**Only a few spots left at this price!!**

As a Christian speaker and business strategist with
- A bachelor of science degree in International business & marketing,
- 5 years experience in corporate marketing and logistics and
- After turning my hobby blog into a profitable business..
I know a thing or two about the chaos of online entrepreneurship.

I see so many passionate, talented and gifted women (like you!) pursuing their calling only to end up frustrated, overwhelmed and lost in a sea of doubt when tackling all of the business side of business... and girlfriend, this is where I gladly step in!

Your Passion + My Strategy = DREAM TEAM!

My mentoring services provide a clear guidance so you can eliminate overwhelming problems, implement profitable and actionable strategies, identify your unique voice and story and ultimately create a sustainable business or blog that packs a BIG impact and serves your ideal client's wants & needs!

God gave you gifts and talents for a purpose, sister-friend!  So, if you're looking for accountability, a helping hand and a "no-fluff" let's get the work done type of attitude, then you're in the right place!

BONUS- all of my mentoring sessions, courses and workshops are partnered with detail-packed weekly Bible studies to help you build and grow that business of yours with a Biblical foundation!

Why Work With Me?

Not Sure If My 60 Min. Strategy Session is a Good Fit For You?

You would be a good fit for my services if...

You have already built a website and/or brand but have made little (or no) sales and don't know what you're doing wrong.

You are a semi-beginner and don't know how to market your business to stand out among the crowd

have a passion for serving others and the lord and willing to put in the hard work

you are a Christian creative such as a blogger, photographer, small shop owner, graphic designer, Virtual assistant, artist etc. 

You would NOT be a good fit for my services if...

You just want help on coming up with an idea and haven't put much thought into building or growing your business or blog.

You expect to be famous and an instant success over night.

You just want to increase your popularity on social media and care more about impressing others over impacting others. 

You are trying to build your mlm business- unfortunately, I don't work with the mlm structure due to those companies having their own marketing tactics and strategies in place and don't want to step on any toes of up-line management.

This is so me,
i want in!!

beautiful girl, 

You were  


so let's get to it, shall we?

called to make an