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I have put together over 75 business resources organized in categories JUST FOR YOU! Ready to simplify and grow your business with purpose and clarity?


Maybe you find yourself overwhelmed? You feel lost, confused and you just keep trying so dang hard to meet the unrealistic expectations that these other business gurus tell you they crushed in less than a year (and only working 5 hours a week might I add...). 

You just want to do what you're passionate about and the business side of business is just too much.

I've been there girlfriend, I know EXACTLY how you feel. The truth is, being an entrepreneur is HARD. There is sooooooo much noise out there telling you what to do, when to do it and to just keep "hustlin'" and success will come. But all the hustle has left you is burnt out and 5 steps behind where you originally started. 

Actually, according to, the word hustle means, "to obtain by forceful action or persuasion, to cheat, to swindle, to force someone.." hmmm... I don't know about you, but that doesn't sound like a good business practice to me.

When God revealed this me, everything changed. So, I stopped "hustling" and focused more on purpose over popularity, quality over quantity and community over competition. 


There's one thing I know about you...

You were created for a Purpose.

And you're here because you're a creative entrepreneur chasing a dream in your heart. (okay, technically thats two things!)

God has put a calling on my heart to help other women break free from the noise of the world and build a business with clarity, purpose and above all, Kingdom Impact. 

Can I tell you a little secret?.. You you were NOT created to "hustle".

These resources will help you grow your biz the RIGHT way, focusing more on relationships than numbers and helping you set strategic and realistic goals.

So, let's get started, shall we?



The book of Genesis shows that God designed before he created, and that the design included both beauty and truth. Beauty was the aesthetic quality that plays on our emotions and makes us feel something, and truth correlates to the function, how well it serves as the purpose it was created for.

This means that our work must have a plan. Our work must appeal to our ideal clients that triggers their emotions (say, YES I need this!) and HELPS them or answers a need they have. It should also be quality work. You can't produce quality work if you don't make time to plan it out. 

Grab a FREE template from Bplans

This site has TONS of sample business plans you can choose from for several different types of businesses. 

Website Building Platforms

Website design

Wordpress is a website platform that allows you to create and design a website. You will need to purchase a domain name (the name of your site) and also pay for hosting. I HIGHLY recommend siteground as your domain host and you can create a site for only $3.95 a month!

website creation



This is my current host provider and allows me to drag and drop design my whole site. NO CODE required! Hallelujah! This site is a little on the expensive side though. 


Website Design / Theme

E-commerce Platforms


This is a website where you can purchase gorgeous themes to upload on your WordPress site. I have purchased a few themes through this site and it is so easy to upload and get started on customizing each section to fit your brand.

website creation


Georgia Lou Studios

Restored 316


This site features wordpress templates that are GORGEOUS but a little bit more on the expensive side. These also require a genesis theme platform so you would have to purchase that through Studio Press Genesis Theme.

This site has TONS of themes you can purchase and you can even search by category. For example, looking for a theme that is more geared toward photography? You can search that right there and it will pull up TONS of themes to match that description.


Creative Market

website creation

E-commerce Platforms

This platform works great with wordpress and allows you to set up a shop page that fits to your websites design.





This platform works great with wordpress as well and even allows you to set up clickable shop images on pinterest and instagram. This is also the platform I use.

This site is wonderful and allows you to set up a shop even without your own website. However, you can integrate it with your website if you have one. 




website creation

Website design



01. Google Analytics

this is probably the most known tool to track website traffic, clicks and actions people take on your website. this can be a helpful tool in knowing what works on your site and what doesn't. 

02. Google Optimize

this tool is so awesome! it allows you to test different versions or aspects of you site so you can know what works and what doesn't when people land on your site. the best thing, it is already integrated with google analytics. 

03. Google Keyword Planner

this tool is amazing when you are doing seo research for your site. it allows you to search keywords and know what they rank according to what people search. this is also already integrated with google analytics. 

04. SEO Yoast Plug-in

speaking of seo, this tool is a must have if you are a blogger. this plugin gives you a seo ranking with a red, yellow or green light letting you know if that page/blog is set up for optimal seo. 

05. Google Pagespeed Insights

did you know if it takes longer than 5 seconds for your site to load, the user is 80% more likely to close the browser? yep. this tool allows you to check the load time of each page on your site and gives you insight on what to do to decrease it. so helpful!

06. Nibbler Site Tester

this tool is so helpful when you are trying to get a feel with how users view your site. this tool gives you a breakdown on what your site ranks when it comes to popularity, readability, seo and more. 

07. Dead Link Checker 

this tool tells you what links on your site are broken. this is really important when it comes to seo because google will rank your site lower if there are links that don't work. 

08. Hotjar

this has to be my favorite tool ever! this website does actual recordings of the actions people take when they visit your site so you know where they stop scrolling, where they click and what actions they take. it also records heatmaps to show you a visual of where people spend the most time on your site. 



this software is not free, but highly recommended if you are serious about video making.

01. PocketVideo App

this tool is amazing if you want to shoot quality videos on your phone. it is super easy to use as well!

02. KineMaster App

this tool is also amazing if you want to shoot quality video on your phone. it features paid upgrades as well to take your video to the next level. 

03. Unfold App

this is a simple tool to add different effects to your video using your phone. 

04. Spark Video App

this app is amazing for adding filters and extras to your videos on your phone.

this is a free tool if you have any apple/mac product. this is what I use the most!

Final Cut Pro


If you didn't know, I'm a bit of (okay, totally) a book nerd!

Get my full list here

You know the phrase "there's an app for that?", well, my phrase would be "There's a book for that!"..
So, here are some AMAZING books I recommend for all creative entrepreneurs!

book recommendations

I am the identical twin to Mary Kate, I once played a vampire on the Twilight series and I had a lead role in High school musical!..

OH wait, wrong Ashley! That happens a lot... haha!

hi sista-friend!
I'm Ashley Mae. 

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But for real, I'm a Christian Speaker & Business Strategist helping Christian creatives (psssttt...that's you!) build and grow a profitable business with purpose, clarity and Kingdom Impact!

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Girl, let me help you overcome the overwhelm!

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