it's time to grow that email list with confidence

Give me a checkity check if.. 

From someone whose e-mail list sat at 20 subscribers for over a year when I first started my business (and only heard from me a handful of times I might add) I get it, I really do.

After seeing everyone talk about e-mail lists, and being denied a collaboration bc of a low subscriber rate (OUCH!) I decided to hunker down and take mine seriously. I put my marketing degree and 5 years experience in corporate marketing to work and created a solid strategy.

The result? 
I grew from 20 subscribers to over 5k in less than 8 months. I started to connect with my ideal reader, share macro content my subscribers actually wanted to read and I started to make consistent sales. 

I am here to help you take the overwhelm out of list building and help you build and grow a list that connects & converts!

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The sheer thought of planning and sending an email gives you sweaty palms and heart palpitations 

You know everyone says "there's money in the list" but you can't seem to even get your subscribers to open, let alone buy!

You're so darn busy trying to do everything else in your biz that you don't have the time to even think about writing an email 

You feel your subscribers should send a search party because they haven't heard from you in a while

my only regret? I wish I would have started sooner

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How to keep an engaging list that connects

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let's get them to Actually
open your emails!

So Where do you start?

How to writeA high-converting subject line

5 steps to a high-converting opt-in form

A guide to writing email subject lines to actually get your emails opened with customizable templates and examples!

Yes, girl!

let's get them sign up for your list

Lemme guess, that sign up for my newsletter opt-in hasn't really had any traction? that's okay girl, i'm here to help!

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Ready to create an email strategy that connects and converts?

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** This training is currently closed and will open back up FALL 2019**

5 Steps To a High Converting Opt-in Form

SO You created an e-mail list, put an opt-in on your site and crickets...
Don't fret my friend, I'm here to help!
Grab my FREE guide to 5 things your opt-in should have to make them stand out and get people to sign up for your e-mail list! 

How To Write A High Converting Email Subject Line

SO you got them on your list, so let's get them to actually open your emails!