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Blogging With Intention

Do You Want To Start A Blog With Intention And Purpose?

Let Me Guess.. 

You have admired a blogger/bloggers for some time now and want to start a blog of your own?

You feel you have a voice and passion you want to share with others?

Maybe you have already started a blog and putting in the work but are hearing crickets?

You started a blog thinking you were going to make it a full-time job but its still just a side hustle?

Maybe you just have NO idea how to even make it into a full job?

I Hear Ya, Girlfriend!
I was In All Of Those Places At One Point!

I started my blog a little over a year ago and I quickly realized BLOGGING IS HARD WORK and I felt so alone in the process.

The truth is, I would spend HOURS on Pinterest or taking webinars and what I kept finding was a lot of “Success Over Night” schemes that just weren’t realistic.

I was tired of hearing “Just do this ONE THING to your blog and you will make millions!”

Believe me, there is NO such thing as overnight success and there is NO one trick to success.


So What Did I Do?

  • I decided to take a break and just research and practice.
  • I sat down and established my why.
  • I made a plan and I mapped out my goals.

Then I hit the ground running!

Shortly after this, I was able to quit my full-time job and take on this blogging journey full time. I have been asked OVER AND OVER again how I did it and to be honest there is no one answer.

After meeting with several people one on one to help them with their blogs I knew there had to be a better way for me to take everything I had learned and distribute it in a way that people could go on their own pace, save TIME and effort, LEARN from my mistakes and start their blog out for success from the beginning!

So I started to create this course.

This course has taken me HOURS, WEEKS and MONTHS to prepare.

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Is This Course Right For You?


This course is perfect for you if

1- You are a BRAND new blogger who has not even started a blog OR if you have already created a blog but have become overwhelmed on how to establish and grow it.

2- If you want to blog with PURPOSE, Intention and a voice that makes you stand out above the crowd

3- If you want to create a BRAND that is unforgettable

4- If you want a step by step HONEST approach to blogging

5- If you want a blueprint of how to set goals for blog and ACTUALLY achieve them

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What Will You Find In This Course?


  • If you are a loyal reader, you know I ALWAYS keep it real and honest, therefore I will be telling you everything I did WRONG and what I did to fix it.
  • You will find REAL & RAW advice that will test you to step out of comfort zone.
  • There will be a discussion of the UGLY side of blogging and encouragement on how you can not fall prey to it.
  • The stress of COMMUNITY over competition
  • How to grow your numbers ORGANICALLY and attract a loyal tribe
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What You Won’t Find In This Course

  • A promise of Success Overnight
  • Someone who will tell you it’s all about the numbers (Because honestly, its not!)
  • A get rich scheme

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Let’s Break It Down

This Course Is The MOTHERLOAD Of Blogging


Sounds AMAZING right!?

I thought so! Enter your email below and I will notify you when it launches!

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