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You’ve invested (or maybe wasted?) so much time (and $$) into your business and still not seeing the results or impact you'd hope for.

You feel like a crazy woman doing #allthethings, but never feel productive. (..and you're confused on what you should even be doing in the first place!)

You started your business so you could have more freedom and time to spend with your family, but you feel like you never leave that darn tootin' desk chair

From a fellow creative who once felt stuck & overwhelmed in my business too, I am here to help!

If we were to sit down over a cup of coffee (my treat, sista!) you'd most likely tell me.. 

You feel like you're playing a game of "Where's Waldo" when it comes to finding (or converting) your ideal clients consistently

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When I'm not being your personal cheerleader, you’ll find me at home rockin' bed head and yoga pants, sipping on twice microwaved coffee & having a mini dance party in the kitchen with my toddler on my hip. 

 Your new business bestie
(and weekly coffee date in yoga pants!)

As a Marketing Strategist & Business Coach I help busy, creative entrepreneurs (pssttt that's you!) simplify & grow their business with high-converting marketing strategies so they can connect with their ideal clients & make consistent sales. 

I'm Ashley Mae

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I want free resources, video tutorials, guides, worksheets, workshops and a community of passionate women cheering me on!

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Take The Quiz

Ashley is hands down the top marketing and business expert I have run across. I love how she views things in a positive light and focuses on making sure the strategy and execution align.
Before working with Ashley, I felt overwhelmed, disorganized and lost with a ton of loose ends driving my business into the ground. NOT ANYMORE!
Working with Ashley has impacted everything in my business - I have raised my prices by 20% (and made MORE sales without any hesitation) and have gained so much clarity on my business goals (and for once, I’m actually reaching them!)

"She is the biggest business game changer I have ever paid for and worth every penny!"

Ashley Deluca- AshleyKDeluca consulting

After working with Ashley I felt extremely excited about what the future holds for my business.
Just by asking me a few questions prior to our video call she had pin pointed exactly what I needed to be doing to better my business.
She suggested I go down a different road that I honestly never even thought of. I even ended up booking my FIRST 5 paid clients after working with her!
If you have the chance to set up a time to chat with Ashley, DO IT do not even question it!

"Booked my first 5 PAID clients in less than 48 hours after working with her!"


When it comes to the area of marketing and business strategies, Ashley is one of the most gifted, talented, and anointed people I know. 
She helped me figure out my ideal client and the best way to direct my business to make sales with an actionable plan I could easily follow.
She constantly gave her time and energy to help me succeed, and wasn't afraid to challenge me to think in ways that would help me and my business grow! 

"Marketing is her gift, and I truly believe that God made her for this type of work."

Hanha Hobson - Transparency Ministries

Daniella Fox - the come back chic

Stop what you’re doing! You need these resources NOW! Using Ashley’s incredible guides have completely taken my blog to the next level.
Before Ashley, I felt disorganized, overwhelmed, and unheard.
With her help, I was able to organize what my true mission is with my platform and identify the serving purpose catered to my ideal client.
Her guidance is fool-proof and very easy to follow. I’ve now discovered more of a niche and focus, and feel fired up to hit the ground running!

"Has taken my blog to the next level."

Ladies, Ashley Mae is a marketing guru!
She comes prepared to help you with every last detail of your brand and gives you examples of how to fix and better your brand & business.
She doesn't just throw information at you and then make you do it yourself, she jumps right in to help.
I left our chats feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to better and grow my business
. I know you will too!

"Ashley Mae is a Marketing guru!"


Ashley gives you practical steps to improve and  has such a willing heart to help!
I loved how prepared she was before our meetings and could really understand my heart behind my work.
Highly recommend working with her if you are needing direction!

"Highly recommend working with her if you are needing direction!"


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You're busy, so let's get to the point. 

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