hello there, darlin!

I'm Ashley Mae Fernandez


community builder. 


Your bed head rockin', Jesus lovin' new bestie ready to help you create a purpose-filled life.

...in both your faith & business.

Bed head, keepin' it real, awkward dance parties in the kitchen (& on insta-stories) & snorting while I laugh!

What I'm known for:

When I'm not cheerin' you on from behind my computer screen, you can find me rockin' yoga pants & bed, dancing & laughing with my husband carrying a toddler on my hip.

I'm a small town Carolina girl with an old soul & a wild heart for Jesus. My family and I live on a 10.5 acre horse farm in the middle of nowhere and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

My heart beats for soul talks over coffee, slow mornings, intentional living, wild flowers & a super cute coffee mug.
(...I'm a bit of a coffee mug hoarder.. #noshame) 


let's be friends, shall we?

Ready to dig deeper into the bible? (..and actually understand it!)

I have a fire in my soul to help other women discover who God says they are and walk boldly in His truth and promises. I want to help others dig deeper in the word by studying the details and believe with every piece of their heart that they are worthy. I want women to walk boldly in the truth that they weren't just created, they were beautifully created for a purpose. 

In a world that demands us to hustle and is full of the enemies lies and distractions, I want to encourage other women to cut out all the noise and chase, without hesitation, Jesus in their every day life. I want to see a generation of women surrender their heart at the cross and boldly pursue a life of fearless faith, together.. hand in hand! 


a mission

Bible StudY & Faith


Christian Business



the blog



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The morning sun peers through the window and its light softly illuminates the room. I gently wrap my hands around my coffee mug and hold it ever so close to my nose so I can breathe in its sweet vanilla aroma...


& a big comfy couch

and there we are, you and I sitting cross legged on my comfy couch..

..and just like that light that slowly burns from the candle on my coffee table, I hope my story can bring light to your life. That every word shines through the tiny cracks of the heart thats been hardened by the world.

As your fingers slowly turn each crinkled page of my story, I pray you see a little of yourself intertwined in the delicate details. I hope your soul resonates with mine in some way & realize that through it all, our hearts beat the same.

…AND THERE, SCRIBBLED IN THE MARGINS, YOU WILL FIND MY HEART- THE RAW & THE VULNERABLE PARTS OF MY JOURNEY.. THE GOOD & THE BAD..ALL THE PIECES THAT MAKE up the big picture that is redemption & love.. a reflection of God & His grace...


Grab yourself a cup of coffee & join me..

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

15 faith based phone apps

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praying through scripture guide



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How To

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15 Faith Based

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Are you a fellow blogger (or interested in becoming one) looking to make an impact on this world wide web?

I have put together an entire library of resources including social media tips, email list tips, worksheets, schedules and ebooks that I have used to grow and cultivate this little corner of the internet with purpose and intention. 

if so, this is for you!

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Learn How To Use Pinterest With Purpose & Grow Your Mission!

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I have put together a ton of resources that I personally use to help me dig into the word with purpose and understanding!

You want to read the bible but you just don't know where to start?

you have a bible and the desire to read it, you just can't seem to stick to reading it as often as you should?

maybe you do read the bible but just don't really understand it or know how to study it?

let me guess.. 

 I got you, girlfriend!

bible study


You weren't just created..
you were beautifully created.  


purpose-filled life?

Ever wondered what God is calling you to do? If so, you're not alone! Join me and other Christian women as we uncover our identity in Christ, surrender our hearts at the cross, pursue a life of fearless faith, walk boldly in HIS Truth and chase, without hesitation,

...in HIS image and for a Purpose.   

the purpose we were created for.  


A community for Christian women seeking to uncover the purpose they were created for!


God is just that good, y'all!

Sometime I step away from the computer and onto a stage...and when I do, I tend to get fired up about Jesus & my true southern accent comes out..

oh, and I might bust out an awkward dance move or two..

takin' center stage



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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

Heather & John

kind words

Well darlin', I thought so!

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Ashley Mae | #Faithblogger
Just a small town girl with a wild ♥ for Jesus & a passion to share HIS Truth.
Wife. Mama. Writer. Speaker. Community Builder.




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